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Flodesk is not for everyone.



Flodesk is not for everyone, but it may be for you. I want to start this post with details about who should not use Flodesk and then I will jump into all the reasons someone may enjoy Flodesk.

Flodesk lacks deep reporting.

Yep. Unfortunately, if you are a data nerd and you use deep metrics to change your email sending behaviors Flodesk may not be for you. While you are able to view reports on single email sends that is about as deep as it gets. You are not able to see how one email compares to another with daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, or custom reporting. This seems to be a standard ability of most ESPs but Flodesk does not yet have this ability.

Flodesk lacks built-in automation.

Automation in email is nice for many things. While Flodesk does offer flows they are limited. In most cases, you have to use Zapier to connect Flodesk to your website or e-commerce store. If you are used to large ESPs like Klaviyo or Mailchimp having to add in a third party to do simple things like segmenting customers based on purchase behavior or browse abandons can become a headache. In my experience, if you are segmenting based on purchase behavior you are typically setting up new flows on a regular basis. Having to go into Zapier to create new zaps or connections each time adds one more thing to the to-do list and these connections are not as reliable as I would like them to be.

Who would benefit from Flodesk?

Great question. While there are many reasons for large companies with data analysis teams and several complicated triggers to avoid Flodesk there are a lot of great reasons that you may enjoy Flodesk.

  1. If you only send a welcome series and newsletters.
  2. If you are running your own marketing department
  3. If you want to support a woman owned start up

Let’s dig in and explore the above reasons that Flodesk may be right for you.

  1. If you are like many of my clients who are professional bloggers who have a 3-5 email welcome series and send 1-2 email newsletters a week and your main goal around metrics is around having consistent open rates Flodesk would have everything you need. The biggest perk of using Flodesk in this way is the user friendly interface and the affordable price as compared to other more complex ESPs.

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2. If you are the CEO and CMO of your business Flodesk may be the best option for you. You likely do not have time to deep dive into the metrics and you are looking for an easy to use system that creates beautiful emails your audience will love. If this is the case I would definitely suggest Flodesk for you.

3. If you want to support a startup that is constantly adding new features and was created by women then I believe you would love Flodesk. If you have time for new features to be rolled out and you want to get in on the ground level with a company as they are developing new features based on user feedback… here is your chance! If you are in the trenches of a data-driven business you may want to wait until Flodesk has rolled out all of the features and launches the full platform.

Should you use Flodesk?

Overall I think Flodesk is very intuitive, beautiful, and comes at a great price when compared to other larger, more complex, and downright expensive email service providers. If you are simply wanting a way to beautifully connect with your audience then yes, I highly recommend Flodesk. If you are a data-driven trigger heavy marketing department I would suggest waiting until Flodesk has fully launched to start using it.

Please let me know what you think about Flodesk in the comments below. I would love to hear your opinion on how it has worked for you. Make sure to include how you are using Flodesk so it can help other readers when deciding if Flodesk is right for them.

Is Flodesk right for me?
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