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Notion Template – GSD (Get Shit Done)

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Looking for a starter Notion template to help you organize your life? I like to call this template the Get Shit Done, or GSD, dashboard because it has space to help you stay beautifully organized and efficient.


The GSD Notion template includes:

  • Video walkthrough on how to use
  • Space to collect and organize important dates
  • Space to collect and organize important links
  • Task board with columns to help you organize all the SHIT you need to GET DONE.

Start on your task board by dumping all the tasks in your mind onto the board.

If you cannot complete the task within two minutes you need to drag the task to the column with the status that matches the level of importance of the task. 

Assign dates, add notes, attachments, and links to each task.

You will sleep better knowing all the things you need to get done are safe in your GSD board, not cluttering up your mind!