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How to Write your About Page

Thinking about writing your about page for your website can be overwhelming if you don’t know where to start. Luckily, I have helped dozens of clients build their websites, and I am happy to share what I know! I’ll tell you how to write your about page, what you should include, and examples of what to write.

How do I write an About Me page for my website?

For most people, it can be difficult to write about themselves and who they are. It may help to frame things from a different perspective! Think about a time when you were looking for a product or service for yourself, and when reading about the company, you found something in their About Us Page that caused you to choose their specific company over the others. That company effectively used its About Page to market to you – their target audience! Interesting, right?

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Now, how can YOU write an about page that works in the same way? A good start would be with the basics. Who are you? What is your role in the company? What are some things that you love about life? These may seem like elementary questions, but from the answers, you can craft an about page that tells readers exactly what they need to know about your business. Your about page can attract the perfect customers for you, and you can create lasting relationships.

You may find yourself wondering if you should omit or include information on your about page specifically to gain a broader audience, which sounds good at first. However, it’s crucial that any statements made on your about page are authentic to you and your brand. Duplicity wouldn’t be the right foot to set out on when trying to launch, grow, and scale your business. If there are any customers that read your about us page and decide that, based on that information, you are not a good fit, it will be for the best. Customers that love your brand because of who you are should be your target audience!

How to write an about page

What should I write on my about page?

Most businesses started with a story, and a lot of those stories are the reason that these businesses function the way that they do. Plus, everyone loves a good backstory. So, how much of that should be included in your about page? There is a fine line between telling all of the important details and writing a short novel, so you want to make sure that most of the information you include is helpful or useful to your brand.

Keeping your about us page short enough to maintain the reader’s attention, while still providing insight into who you are can be a tricky balance. One thing to consider is how many people are on your team and what needs to be featured on your about us page. If there are more than two team members, it makes sense to keep the bios short and sweet. On the other hand, if you are the only one being featured on your about page, you have more freedom to include more information. You may also use this space to include personal photos that may not be part of your branding.

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Your about page is also a great place to list any special certificates or credentials that you may have. Depending on your industry, your customers may want to see that you have the education and experience to back up the services that you are offering, and this allows them to see all the details in one place. You may also let your customers know what to expect when they book with or buy from you. This provides insight into your process and an opportunity to build trust when you deliver on these promises.

What to write about me examples?

Your type of business and target audience should be the final piece of the puzzle when determining what you write on your about page. If your business is more of a personal service such as private tutoring, you may want to include why you love doing what you do and what got you started. It may also help to be a bit more personal so that your customers get a good feel of the you behind what you do.

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However, if your business is more white-collar, you may want to stick to the basics of who you are, your role, your credentials, and what services you offer. This is not to say that readers don’t care about who you are, but if your backstory doesn’t play a part in why you do what you do, it may be better to leave it off.

For businesses like funeral homes, you may want to consider being brief, but showing compassion, so that people in search of your services feel comforted and welcome. If you are an event coordinator, you may want to tell about how organized you can be in and out of the workplace, so your readers rest assured in your ability to handle a lot of moving parts. These, of course, are just examples of the types of things you may want to include in your about page.

Generally, most about pages land somewhere in the middle, and I’ve created a template of questions that I ask my client when I’m putting together their about pages. I do not always use these answers verbatim, but more of a general outline for things to think about when telling your customers who you are. Here are the things that I ask:

  1. How do you serve others?
    1. 1-3 sentences here.
      1. Example: I perform ___________ for ____________ and I provide _______________ services for ____________.
  2. Why should they care?
    1. 1-3 sentences here. This should describe what benefit #1 has for them.
      1. Example: I can help you ____________ your ____________ with my ____________ in _________ days.
  3. Who are YOU?
    1. 3-6 sentences here.
      1. Tell me how you relate to others.
      2. example: I find joy in ____________ and I will never say no to __________. I am my best self when ___________ and I make this a priority!
      3. For this, don’t be afraid to be unique or even not unique. This section helps people relate to the YOU behind what you do.
How to write an about page

I hope this page helped you decide what you want your customers to know about you! Showing up as yourself is one of the best ways to reach your target audience. Visit for more advice on how to launch, grow, and scale your business!

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