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My Digital Nomad Office Setup: Where Work Meets Play

September 14, 2023 in Travel

Welcome to the heart of my digital nomad lifestyle – my dual office setups, where I seamlessly transition between work and play, no matter where in the world I am. In this post, I’ll take you on a virtual tour of my workspace, revealing the tools and technology that keep me productive during the day and let me unwind with my passions when the sun sets.

The Work Setup: Where Productivity Takes Center Stage

My work setup is the engine that keeps me connected and productive, regardless of my location. It’s a blend of carefully chosen components that enable me to tackle my professional tasks efficiently.

  1. Mini ASUS Desktop Computer: At the core of my work setup is a compact ASUS desktop computer. It packs the power I need for demanding tasks without taking up too much space in my travel bag.
  2. Samsung S8 Tab Ultra Screen: For the display, I rely on the stunning screen of my Samsung S8 Tab Ultra. Its vivid colors and sharp resolution make work a visual pleasure.
    NOTE: I can also use my tablet as a mini laptop with the in-case keyboard. (As pictured above!
  3. Monitor: When I find myself in a location for more extended periods, I purchase a desktop monitor. This additional screen real estate greatly enhances my productivity and multitasking capabilities. I will either sell this extra screen when we leave or donate it to the local charity shop. I look for monitors that are around $100.
    NOTE: I am aware this is not something everyone would choose to do but the cost of extra luggage and the risk of damaging a monitor during air travel is much greater than buying a cheap monitor.
  4. ROG Claymore Keyboard and Logitech Mouse: My input devices consist of the ROG Claymore keyboard, which offers tactile precision, and a Logitech mouse that glides smoothly across any surface.
    BONUS: Travel case I use for my keyboard. Travel case I use for my mouse.
  5. Logitech HD Webcam: Staying connected with colleagues and clients is crucial for a digital nomad. My Logitech HD webcam ensures crystal-clear video calls and presentations.
  6. Lights: I add strip lights on either side of my webcam. They not only provide great illumination but also look fantastic on video calls.
  7. JBL Go 3 Speaker: I use this with my Asus Mini to have the best sound possible. I can also use this around the house when we want to listen to music and take it on the go!

The Play Setup: Unwinding and Creating Memories

When work hours are over, it’s time to switch to my play setup, where I edit vlogs, immerse myself in survival games with my husband, and enjoy the digital nomad lifestyle to the fullest.

  1. ROG Zephyrus Duo Laptop: My play setup revolves around the ROG Zephyrus Duo laptop. Its high-performance specs are perfect for video editing and running the latest games and the second screen gives me space for extra files or information that I need in-game.
    BONUS: Travel case I use for my laptop.
  2. Xbox Series S|X Controller: I love gaming with my husband, and the Xbox Series S|X controller, connected via Bluetooth, delivers an immersive experience whether we’re surviving the wilderness or exploring virtual worlds together.
    BONUS: Travel case I use for my controller.
  3. Wireless Samsung Earbuds: To keep my audio experience seamless and cord-free, I use wireless Samsung earbuds. They deliver impressive sound quality while eliminating tangled wires.
    BONUS: Travel Case I use for my earbuds.

Keep in mind that our travel typically consists of longer-term stays in AirBnB’s which is why I have two setups. IF we are traveling for a short stay somewhere I’ll take my play setup with me. The play setup is more than enough tech for me to do both, work and play. I just like the separation of a work zone and a play zone and I feel that this makes me the most productive and gives me the best work/life balance!

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