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Top 5 Business Tools for Small Business

I know you’re busy… I’m ready to help you save some time, and money, and reduce your stress load! Here is a list of my top 5 business tools that we use and recommend!

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To Organize.. well everything!

Notion is a database/notes/visual organizer business tool. What do I organize in notion? I organize client deliverables, brand assets, content calendars, my upcoming trips, and when I’m feeling fancy I take a few minute to inventory my closet so I can have a Cher moment (ClueLess Cher of course) to peruse my outfits and think of what I want to wear before the day starts! This is seriously my all-in-one, go-to business tool!

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#2 Flick.teck


Take the hassle out of hashtags. This business tool helps you grow your account, business or influence by reaching new audiences on Instagram. Then once you’ve used your #’s see what’s working, improve your content strategy, and track 20+ key metrics across all areas of your Instagram account with real-time reporting tools. As a business tool, Flick will never recommend #’s that are banned which will help you get increased reach on your posts. You’ve worked hard on the content now use #’s to your advantage!

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Have you been looking for a business tool that takes the pain out of posting? Quickly build your omnipresence by repurposing your content directly from YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, Zoom, Google Drive, Dropbox, and Audio Podcast into unlimited pieces of content optimized for each platform.

Publish or schedule directly to YouTube, Facebook, TikTok, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter and grow your audience across all channels.

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#4 Honeybook


 When it comes to business tools for client management, I prefer HoneyBook as it enables me to give my clients the best experience possible.

With this small business tool, I am able to create interactive experiences that make it easy for clients to select services, e-sign contracts, send payments, and more—all in one go.

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#5 2023 lunar guided calendar


If you’ve been in a strategy session with me you will remember me saying “hold up let me check the moon”. This is what i’m referring to! This is the 1st and only Digital lunar-guided business Calendar & Schedule designed to help soulful, creative, and multi-passionate entrepreneurs navigate their emotions, mindset, and energy with the changing moon phases, all by the touch of their fingertips.

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